بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

One of the many advantages of being young is that rush, that eagerness, that insatiable thirst to be active, to change. A motivation that seems abundant.

When we’re young we tend to look at the world through a lens that projects us to forty years later. We look at it and want to change it into the image that would make us satisfied with our futures.

Being young means asking questions, observing, analyzing. If the questions we ask remain unanswered – or if the answers are unsatisfying – this might lead to rebellion, and occasionally it leads to violence – something the media has never hesitated to point out. God has given us in the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) a framework through which we can see the world, understand it, and act upon that understanding.

Human beings have always tended to act against their own betterment – often wreaking havoc and destruction upon the world they have been tasked with inhabiting. This has been the case since the existence of the first human beings, and the story of Qabeel and Habeel (Cane and Abel) shows us humanity’s early need for divine guidance. However, the struggle for one’s identity, for moderation and spiritual equilibrium, is often depicted as a modern one. It is in the modern world that our identities are poked and prodded and examined and questioned, and ultimately, judged by those who believe they somehow have the right to judge.

This blog is the documentation of some thoughts and reflections of a small group of youth holding strong to their Muslim identities (including all Eastern, Western, Northern, Southern, contemporary, traditional and all other facets of those identities). It is a chance to express thoughts, ask questions, search, and discuss.

“Young Muslims in the Modern World” is not an enumeration of Islamic teachings – which is already offered in many other more knowledgeable sites. It is rather an attempt to put them into practice.

This blog aims to give a glimpse of how Islamic teachings affect the way we see the world. How do we react? How do we feel? How can Islamic teachings help us be the leaders of tomorrow? How can we embody the perfect example of the Prophet (peace be upon him)? What is our view on current affairs, whether spiritual, political, cultural or philosophical?

The world is wide and words are innumerable. So read and come closer.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. I really like your blog! I am adding you to my blogroll. When I wrote Deserts and Mountains, I did it with today’s youth in mind. With so many issues facing us as a global community I feel that the youth have an even greater responsibility to address the apparent difference that for some reason are not celebrated and keep us separate. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts!


  2. I like what you’re doing here. Some very thoughtful and inquisitive posts. Keep up the good work!

  3. MashaAllah, I love your blog. As youths, most of have lots of ideas but never really got the chance to make them into reality. So, many good ideas are wasted in this way. Nice to see youths documenting their ideas in this blog.
    May Allah Almighty give you the strength and keep your motivation burning in keeping up the good work!

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