HTBE series: Al Razzaq to Al Hakam (18 to 30/99)

BismiLlah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Al Razzaq
-He gives everything that we need: nourishment for the body, for the intellect
-Ibn Attila: existence is نعمة الإيجاد , sustenance is نعمة الإمداد
-People have different degrees [of rizq]
The purer the heart the purer the dream
People are from your own rizq
المدد (supply according to Google translate): everything that is created has its own مدد, provision like sleep, etc.
-In the Dunya, you should see the Provider and not the provision, the Creator and not the creation
How to get closer to the Name: give up fear of provision, do not be disturbed when you have little.
– Recite it 10 times before Fajr in every corner of the house for an increase in provision.

Al Fattah
He who manifests His Good and after constriction.

Al ‘Alim
Hyperbolic form of al ‘Alem
How to get closer to the Name: contentment with the knowledge of God in this world and the next.
Gain knowledge + benefit people who need it.

Al Qabit and Al Basit
Constricts and Expands.
Your basic existence is qabt and bast
We will have periods of constriction and others of expansion

Al Ghafid and Al Rafe’
He’s the One who lowers and who brings somebody way up
Ibn Hazm went through a period where he lost all of his knowledge

Al Moez and Al Modhil
The One who elevates and the One who abasses, humiliates.
المؤمن لا يذل نفسه : the believer never humiliates himself

Al Sami’ and Al Basir
He is Aware of everything audible and visible.
Be aware of what you say and hear.

Al Hakam
He jusdges all of His creation.
Make your complaints to Him.
-How to get closer to the Name: be a judge between your heart and your nafs to determine if it’s a good thing or if it’s just your nafs.


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