HTBE series: from Al Mutakabir to Al Wahab (11 to 17/99)

BismiLlah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Al Mutakabir
-His Magnificence
Magnificence and Exaltedness are only for the Divine
“كبرياء Pride  is my cloak” God says.
-How to get close to the Name: recognize that the rules come from Allah swt, they come from One who is Mutakabir.
It is a good name to recite on the first night [of marriage]. Before that first night, one may recite it so children become humble.

Al Khaleq
-He brings all things into existence, brings them to life.
-Recite it in the middle of the night to illuminate the heart

Al Bari’
-The One who says “Be! and it is” كن فيكون
Preparing every form
-Recite it 100 times for 7 days for protection

Al Musawir
-The Fashioner in light of the form (Al Bari’)
-Recite it 21 times after breaking one’s fast (with water) for 7 days to be creative

–> Al Khaleq, Al Bari, Al Musawir are all phases of Creation

Al Ghafar
-The One who forgives you over and over again
-How to get close to the Name: forgive those who wrong you, remove any resentment in your heart you have towards them.
Like Abu Damdam who would wake up and forgive people (‘Anas said that once the Prophet (PBUH) exclaimed, “Can’t anyone of you be like Abu Damdam?” The Companions asked, “Who is Abu Damdam, O Messenger of Allah?” He replied, “When he gets up in the morning he says, ‘O Allah, I offer my honor and life to You?’ So that he would not abuse those who abused him, nor would he wrong those who wronged him, or hit those who hit him.” [Fiqh us Sunnah, 4/115].’ from here)

Al Qahar
-The One who has power over everything
-How to get close: overcome your ego, remove love of materialism, it’ll exalt Allah in your heart.

Al Wahab
-The One who gives without reason
-Shaykh Hamza then mentioned Robert Frost’s poem “The Fear of God”

Patience is to acknowledge your Lord with obedience.


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