HTBE series: Al Aziz, Al Jabar (9,10/99)

BismiLlah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Al Aziz
-It comes from عزة: power, strength, precious according to Imam Al Haramein
It means nothing like Him, عديم المثل
-There are names that relate to Allah’s dominion like Al Rahman, and there are others that relate to Him, Himself like Al Aziz and Al Jabar.
-Let your power be with your Lord because He never dies.
How to get closer to the Name: elevate your anxiety, stress and concern from creation
Real زهد  asceticism is not being poor but to be detached from created things.
-A sign of Allah: the shade, shadows never stay the same. And the sun is a proof of the shadow. The world is a mixture of light and darkness, the sun only shows the darkness. It makes you think of opposites The Just, The Merciful.
-Recite it 40 times during 40 days and Allah will enrich your days from the richness of creation.

Al Jabar
( to fix a bone <–جبر –> تجبير )
-It means the One who empowers. For humans, it’s for a tyrant. When you know that Allah is the Jabar, every tyrant diminishes in your eyes.
-How to get closer to the Name: the hearts are broken before Allah swt, rely on Him. If you want to make a plan, plan not to plan because Allah is the Best Planner, don’t rely on your plans.
–> When Moses saw the fire on the mountain he thought that people were living there. But Allah swt talked to him through the burning bush.
– Recite the Fatiha + Al Nas  + Falaq  + Ikhlas  + Al Kafirun  + Ayat Al Kursi  7 times each one of them
and 7 times each of these prayers:  سبحان الله الحمدلله الله أكبر , صلوات على محمد , اللهم إغفر لي و لي والدي

Recite and reflect on the Qur’an, reflect on the signs of the End of times. Ask Allah for Yaqin. Be vigilant of your heart
With kings guard your eyes, with scholars guard your tongue, with saints guard your heart

Essence of the intellect is to accept our fate. To be content with the decree. رضى

The book Shaykh Hamza takes the “awrad” from (recitations) is called:  المقصد الأسما في شرح أسماء الله الحسنى by Ahmed Zarruq
مختصر المقصد الأسمى في شرح أسماء الله الحسنى للشيخ زروق – نبيل عساف : this document is in arabic and is the abridged version of the book.


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