HTBE series: Al Salam, Al Mu’min, Al Muhaymin (6,7,8/99)

BismiLlah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Al Salam
-It doesn’t mean peace only. Salam means safety, security, to be whole. There’s a wholistic condition of peace and harmony.
سلامة  البدن : the body is healthy
–> when you have something wrong, your state of peace is deranged. Your state is not stable
-Ragheb Al Isfahani says: every default/error you see in somebody know that you have it in you.
Only God can judge people.
Only judge the outward. We believe in the absolute of right and wrong on the outward.
-How to get closer to this Name: Seek refuge in God in everything. The believer is the one people are safe from his hand. Because Islam is peace. In Islam there’s salam.
If you read this Name on a sick person 21 times, he’ll get better.

Al Mu’min
-It means The One who makes you secure.
آمن ب : “to believe in” the essence of it is I made myself secure through God
-Imam Al Ghazali says: Anyone who’s seeking sincerely God, is safe from Hell.
Imam Al Haramein says: Allah is The One who secures you.
-Arabic expression أحير من الضب  : more confused than a lizard. All animals are in a state of vigilance. They are in constant مراقبة  surveillance because they have ennemies.
We have 4 ennemies: نفس، هواء ، شيطان، دنيا  (the nafs, desire, shaytan, dunya)
if you make your anxiety one anxiety, Allah will take care of all your anxieties.
– If you recite it 136 times, Allah will secure your wealth

Al Muhaymin
It comes from إيمان  iman, faith.
How to draw closer to the Name: become a guardian over your own soul, take it into account
Recite it 100 times after ghusl and pray 2 rak’at –> it will gather your thoughts.
Imam Al Sakhawati says that if you practise it constantly it will strengthen your memory and diminish forgetfulness.

Life is not a party. Enjoy it with a sense of dignity. Exert your efforts to achieve piety. Strive to be pious, avoid prohibition.
Sense & Sensibility, Catcher in The Rye: it tells the story of the loss of innocence by the utter disregard of children.
Your responsibilities > your rights
The nafs is like a wild beast. حاسبوا أنفسكم قبل أن تحاسبوا
Intelligent people are the ones who are intimate with their Lord, take themselves to account, kind with brothers and sisters, etc.
Taqwa is more important than all actions.


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