HTBE series: Allah (1/99)

BismiLlah Al Rahman Al Rahim

Part 1 / Part 2

The light of Paradise would be as the light of dawn. Not too dark not too light. Everything is calm and serene.
Oh Allah, make us of the dwellers of Paradise.


Imam Al Junayd said that the believer, مؤمن , his حال (temporary state) changes 40 times a day, the كافر  kafir’s doesn’t for 40 years.
Our internal states change and vary: happiness, sadness, etc. فرح , حزن
مقامات: stations, last for a period of time. Patience, شكر, gratitude, heedlessness.

The quietude [of the believers] is related to their awareness of Allah swt.
Ibn Al Arabi would know he was in good state if the voice of [his] children didn’t bother him, he would be in a bad one if it did.
Because children from the age of 4 to 11 cry and laugh easily, are submissive.

Your state should not be the same before and after prayer.
In Zen philosophy, they call it the monkey mind when the brain generates thoughts that are of no benefit for you.
The real jihad is to still those thoughts in prayer.

The nafs is a beast.
The quickest way to getting access to controlling it is by reciting the Divine Names and prayer on the Prophet pbuh.
But one should be careful with practicing one name of Allah without guidance. (kindly read post “Timeless advice from precious beings”)
Prayer on the Prophet will never harm you, it will always put you in a better state.

Sidi Ahmed Zarruq said that if you claim a station, it’ll be taken away from you. If you see your humility then you’re arrogant.

Allah is the Essence.
The essence of the thing is not knowable except by the thing.
We know people by their attributes.
Allah has many attributes.
The diamond is one with many facets.
(The Arabs have 555 names for the lion)
These names are actually aspects, sifat.
Everything that Allah created it’s His potentiality and so is all that He has not created because He is the Creator and not a creature.
Allah cannot be placed in time
The Prophet (pbuh) said: لا  تفكروأ  في  الله  و  لكن  تفكروأ في ألاء الله
It’s through His Attributes that we grow close to Him. It’s in the human being
“من عرف نفسه عرف ربه ” Imam Ajnooni.
The people of Taqwa are the people who know themselves the most and know Allah very well.

Sidi Ahmed Zarruq said that the Attributes are the source of all.
ألحسناء  مشتقة  من أسماء الله الحسنى
like الرحمة مشتقة من الرحمن

If God doesn’t give you power it’s because you can’t handle the power. If He withholds it it’s from wisdom, حكمة.

Some scholars said that Allah it’s His Name.

Sidi Ahmed said that an increase in yaqin/certainty helps you achieve noble things
He suggested to recite this 1000 times a day:
يا  الله  يا  هو , رزقه  الله  بكامل اليقين

Allah is a اسم جامع
“و ما لم يجد لها قصده وجد فيها راحة” Shaykh Al Alawi

(People’s spiritual vessels differ. The Prophet’s spirit/روح  was bigger than the cosmos
Rabia Al Adawiya changed the focus from fear of Allah to love of Allah)

You can’t project your image to Allah swt.


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