An Egyptian Tale

This song is, in my opinion, one of the most brilliant songs of all time. It’s an old one, I think it was released sometime in the 90s, but it remained popular and it became especially popular after a video was shown of people singing it in Tahrir during the revolution. The lyrics were written by famous Egyptian slang poet Abdel Reheem Mansour, and the song is sung beautifully by popular Egyptian singer Mohamed Mounir. The lyrics are in Arabic but below you’ll find my rough attempt at a translation to English.

ما نرضاش يخاصم القمر السما
ما نرضاش
تدوس البشر بعضها
ما نرضاش
يموت جوه قلبي نداء
ما نرضاش
تهاجر الجذور أرضها
ما نرضاش
قلبي جوا يغني واجراس تدق لصرخة ميلاد
تموت حته مني الاجراس بتعلن نهاية بشر من العباد
دي الحكمة قتلتني و حيتني وخلتني أغوص في قلب السر
قلب الكون قبل الطوفان ما ييجي خلتني أخاف عليك يا مصر
واحكيلك على المكنون
مين العاقل فينا مين المجنون
مين الي مدبوح من الألم
مين اللي ظالم فينا مين مظلوم
مين اللي ما يعرفش غير كلمة نعم
مين اللي محنيلك خضار الفلاحين غلابة
مين اللي محنيلك عمار عمالك الطيابة
مين اللي ببيع الضمير مين يشتري مين يشتري بيه الدمار
مين هو صاحب المسألة والمشكلة والحكاية والقلم
رأيت كل شيء وتعبت على الحقيقة
قابلت في الطريق عيون كتيرة بريئة
أعرف بشر عرفوني لأ لأ ما عرفونيش
قبلوني وقبلتهم
بمد ايدي لأ طب ليه ما تقبلنيش
لا يهمني اسمك لا يهمني عنوانك لا يهمني لونك ولا ولادك ومكانك
يهمني الانسان ولو ما لوش عنوان

يا ناس يا ناس هي دي الحدوته
حدوته مصرية

Lyrics copied from here.

English translation:

We won’t tolerate that the moon leaves the sky

We won’t tolerate that human beings trample one another

We won’t tolerate that the call in my heart dies

We won’t tolerate that the roots desert their earth

We won’t tolerate it.

Deep inside my hear sings, and the bells ring for the scream of a new birth

A part of me dies, and bells announce the end of another human being.

Wisdom killed me, and breathed life back into me, and enabled me to dive deep into the heart of the secret, the heart of existence

Before the deluge came, it made me fear for you oh Egypt, and tell you about the mystery

Who among us is sane and who is crazy?

Who is slaughtered by the pain?

Who is oppressor and who is oppressed?

Who can’t say but the word “Yes”.

Who is bent over to green your land? Your poor farmers.

Who is bent over to build your land? Your kind workers.

Who is selling their conscience and who is buying? Who is buying with it destruction?

To whom belongs the question? The problem? The story? The pen?

I’ve seen everything, and the truth has exhausted me.

I met on the journey many innocent eyes

I know people that know me…no, no, they don’t know me. They accepted me, and I accepted them.

I stretch out my hand to you. Why won’t you accept me?

I don’t care about your name. I don’t care about your address. I don’t care about your color, your children, your place.

I care about the human being, even if he doesn’t have an address.

Oh people, this is the tale. An Egyptian tale.


~ by youngmuslimworld on April 22, 2011.

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