Special Connections

BismiLlah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

I am amazed by the design of God in everything to answer the questions that goes through your mind unnoticed by simply reading a book, listening to a song, looking out the window. And they all connect together. The two books here, from two different genres, share in common a tiny theme: connections between people. Our lives are partially defined by the connections we make with people: parents, friends, colleagues, etc.

I’m currently reading Ibn Qayyim’s “Invocation of God” and came across his poem called “Qasidah Nuniyya”

His hand took my hand and we journeyed without pause,

Till he showed the place where the sun of faith rises

And I saw the banners of the city, and ’round about it

The descent of Guidance and the forces of the Qur’an.

And I saw signs of wondrous import,

Yet veiled from a bling throng.

And I was given drink from a crystal glass,

Water that glistened like the jewels of a crown

And I saw cups as numerous as the stars

To quench the thirst of the thirsting.

And I saw ’round the pure spring of Kawthar,

Whose waters ever gush, two scales:

The scale of Sunnah and (the scale) of God’s Word.

To read the entire poem in arabic, click here

How lucky is one when they find their teacher. The teacher. Who will open for them doors of knowledge, and light. I believe there’s this connection, this telepathy between a teacher and his student, like they’re on a boat together sailing deep waters, the student discovers new lands and the teacher guides him through them. When the teacher speaks, the student just feels the words before they come out of his mouth, like he can anticipate his teacher’s words… Sobhanna Allah. I hope we all find our special teacher.

And I just finished reading the novel “Deserts and Mountains” by Yilmaz Alimoglu (click here for more info)

Love can only be productive when it improves oneself. If the love is shared, the lovers can understand what the other person goes through—a two-way fire. Otherwise there will be a time when the fire of passion will burn down the house.

“I set myself up to love as much as possible, complete devotion—no regard for me or what might happen in the future. I just wanted the purity of love. Perhaps we both did. In the end, I was not the one who suffered.

“I read the great Sufi masters, love and intensity, experimenting with that and reaching a stage where the mind is blurry and there is no sense of what is right or wrong, and the only thing we desire is the presence of the lover, to try and touch that love, make it manifest, so that each breath is life, to feel the breath of the lover is the most important thing. We are made of breath.

“As we breathe, we live. The breath of God exhaled in human beings, and the refl ection of God was formed on this earth in us. God has passed some of his attributes to us. Love is chief among them. The world exists because of the love of God, his love of creation, as his love rains down on every nation.”

There’s this other type of connection so popularized by literally everything around us… Love. But I think, and God knows best, there’s more to it than the romantic aspect of it, this pop, pinky, starry-eyed, heart shaped choco madness… Such a mystery. Sobhanna Allah. It encompasses love for parents, friendship, teachers (as seen above 😉 ), animals… Sobhanna Allah.  Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad explains it so clearly and beautifully in this talk “Love for others”, available here:  http://vimeo.com/14764957



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  1. Thank you for mentioning my book ! I really appreciate it !


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