Hadith 3 from An-Nawawi

BismiLlah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

On the authority of Abu ‘Abd al-Rahman ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar bin al-Khattab, radiyallahu ‘anhuma, who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, say:

“Islam has been built upon five things – on testifying that there is no god save Allah, and that Muhammad is His Messenger; on performing salah; on giving the zakah; on Hajj to the House; and on fasting during Ramadhan.”

[Al-Bukhari & Muslim]

This is a very simple hadith.

Why does the Prophet (pbuh) mention the five pillars again? Due to stress, it’s important. They are fundamental.

Note: in this narration, Hajj is mentioned before fasting.

We can think of these five pillars as a building: when you go inside, you’re protected from the outside.


~ by youngmuslimworld on August 15, 2010.

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