Contentions 14 by Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad + Commentary

BismiLlah Al Rahman Al Rahim,

Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad’s last class before heading to China for the Nawawi Foundation trip was commenting on his recent contentions that can be found here through a blog held by Mas’ud Ahmed Khan.

The origin word for “contention” came from the fact that one can have thoughts in his mind and writes them down without pondering upon them. It is a moment of enlightenment, inspiration. Going back to them a while later, they might seem unexplainable.

In Italian, it’s called farfelli (butterflies) and in arabic “sayyid al khater”

Here are the notes I took during this class. It by no means reflects the eloquence and richness of Shaykh Abdal Hakim’s words. I only tried to catch them. Like someone would for butterflies.

1.         We are against Israel to the extent that she endangers Jewish safety.

This sentence takes the form of an equation.

The issue of political Judaism first considered the issue of historic responsibility to protect its people. Now that issue is gone.

What is interesting to know is that during World War II, there was an increase of Jewish population in Muslim countries.

There’s a survey that shows that actually 50% of Jewish feel unsafe in Israel (note from YMW: no internet results support this information but here’s a link that claims that Israel’s the 4th most unsafe country in the world)

Muslims feel of course a deep responsibility to defend Palestine. What is important to know is that if the Jews start falling we should NOT behave badly to them.

2.         Marxism is the ultimate subaltern discourse.

Communism is growing in Nepal, India and Africa.

It claims to be independent of bourgeois classes while 3rd World marxists is actually a voice of the monoculture.

3.         Real Islam is successful. If it is not successful, it is not real Islam.

It is a reflection on the divine promise. We have lost touch with:

“Give glad tidings to the patient ones”

“If you are truly believers”

Patience. We should self-accuse ourselves.

(All the political parties or groups that claim to be Islamic are not truly living Islam as it should be)

4.         The Monoculture has no principle save the absence of metaphysics. (Without the One, there is no Many.)

Like Ancient Rome, the purpose of Globalization, entertainment, internet, etc.

It suffocates differences. There is no West anymore.

The Modern World is infinite to human desires. Clashing with the Earth’s ressources.

Religion has turned into Nafs (I, me, mine)

“Without One, there is no Many”: when you lose your sense of Tawhid (only One God) you create oneness on the Earth, cultures tend to clash.

5.         Religion without eros is the anticipation of eternal death.

Eros is desire. That loss of Eros will damage emotions, (will engender) loneliness.

Desire is fundamental, it’s in every chromosome.

In Christianity, celibacy (or rahbaniyya) is an avant-gout of Paradise while in Islam, Eros is the anticipation of the life of the blessed in Paradise.

6.         Those who are indifferent to their reputations may still be slothful, gluttonous.

7.         She is the gift to him that precedes the Fall.

(Adam and Eve)

(Allah) created her from him. The basis of this relationship (between Adam and Eve) is shukr (thankfulness) and not entitlement. She is a sign of Paradise. She is his as a Divine gift.

8.         The alternative to pride is prayer.

Pride (according to Christianity) is the worst of the seven deadly sins.

It is the only sin that cannot coexist with love of God.

It is because of Iblis that we fell too.

Recognizing our dependence to Allah (swt). You don’t have anything to do with this (world). We are qanitoon to Allah.

Pride cannot coexist with du’a (supplication).

9.         The truly-taken rukhsa makes you grow a little; the falsely-taken rukhsa makes you shrink rapidly.

Ibn Hanbal says: “Allah loves that we take His dispensations”

A Hadith says:  “عليكم برخصة الله التي رخصها لكم” (failed to find good translation and source)

Sometimes we take these dispensations to indulge our laziness. It should be gratitude for acknowledging our human nature.

10.       The Great Symmetry: Yad Vashem / Ghazzat Hashem.

Yad Vashem: The Holocaust Museum and the School project to be built on a Muslim/Palestinian village, cemetery. (For more info please click here)

Ghazzat Hashem: Gaza of Muhammad (pbuh) (because he is from the clan of Banu Hashem.)

11.       Nishiren is the Ibn Taymiyya of Zen.

12.       Crucifiction?
Juda-yi Ism exonerates Rome. 
Ishmael exonerates the Jews.
Edom: Heaven cannot exonerate.

Juda-yi Ism: distance of a name. Exaggeration of Tanzih.

Ishmael: as in Muslims

Calvin writes that at the moment when Jesus went up on a cross, it was the peak of Hatred of God.

In Islam and Judaism, Allah is Merciful, God can forgive people without any repayment.

13.       Your wealth is only yours once you have given it away.

If we haven’t benefitted from it, if we haven’t spent it/ used our money (then it is not ours)

14.       Islamism’s fire will leave only ashes.

What is the energy of Islamism? Is it anger? Vengeful? For God?

Many Islamic movements are about our identity.

–> Monoculture

In order to serve (their identity), they burn things down, in defense of it.

23.       The Sunna: both/and. The Shi‘a: either/or.

The difference between Sunna and Shi’a is the spiritual differentiation.

Sunna: forgiveness, حسن ظن

Shi’a: blaming and resentment.

(Before the imposement of Shiism in Iran, amazing scholars flourished there such as): Attar, Nizami, Sana’i, Rumi.



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  1. One of my favorite contentions of the Shaykh: “If you haven’t seen the the saint, you haven’t seen the sunna.” (see also here:

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