Can we choose our children’s paths in life? (Film: White Girl)

I watched this film a while ago, but recently remembered it and decided to watch it again. It is a real thought-provoking film because even though Islam is central to the story, it’s really not about Islam at all. It’s about raising children with the freedom to discover their own path, and how to react if that path directly conflicts with yours. Although the characters in the film are non-Muslims, this is a situation faced a lot by Muslim parents, especially immigrants in the West. Before we, whether Muslims or non-Muslims, have children, it is important to ask ourselves how we would deal with such a situation. Would we support out children no matter what? Or would we try to “be there for them” while making clear our disapproval and without actively supporting them? Or would we take the drastic measure of disowning them until they choose a more “appropriate” path? I have experienced this personally with my brother who chose a path very different from the one chosen by my parents and myself, so I can relate to this film on many levels. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did.



~ by youngmuslimworld on June 18, 2010.

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